Computer/Law Institute

Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam


Faculty of Law

Free University Amsterdam

The Computer Law Institute is part of the Faculty of Law of the VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The core activities of the CLI are research and education of 1) computer science applied in the legal field and 2) legal implications of information technology. More.

Recent publications from the CLI

Will Internet Businesses Ever Become Interested in Complying with Tax Laws?.
O.M. Pastukhov, Intellectual Property & Technology Law.Journal, 22(8), 2010.
Going Where No Taxman Has Previously Gone.
O.M. Pastukhov, Rutgers Computer & Technology Law Journal, 2010.
A.R. Lodder, Routledge Research in Information Technology and E. Routledge, 2010.
The end of what was wrong from the beginning? Protection of ‘not original writings’ under the Dutch Copyright Act.
A.R. Lodder, In Caught in the Cybercrime Act, Recht en Praktijk, pages 89-98. Kluwer, 2009.